A1 Features


All structures are concrete with cement-tile roofs and built to withstand storm force winds. Sites are inland, away from the Gulf of Mexico and storm surges. Site elevations range from 12 feet to 17 feet above sea level, and all facilities are designed with superior drainage for added protection.


A1 Storage is a bear on cleanliness. Every facility and every unit is ultra-clean. On-site managers tour, clean, sweep and groom daily. Interior floors are washed and pest control is done on a regular schedule with additional attention in between to individual areas if needed. Every vacated unit is immediately cleaned, treated and made ready for move-in. Our maintenance team keeps every facility repaired and in top condition.


Garage-style units with roll-down steel doors and exterior access are available in a wide range of sizes to accommodate a variety of needs. Garage space is the most economical choice for storage. Our concrete structures act to moderate the heat and provide a comfortable "home" for personal or business items. Free up space in your home, downsize or prepare for a sale by storing yard equipment, tools, second car, sports equipment, JetSki or canoe. Empty your garage into ours for a month, a year or a season. Interior, air-conditioned units provide additional protection against the extremes of Southwest Florida's weather. Private, climate-controlled spaces with clean, glossy painted floors are an ideal choice for upholstered home furniture, bedding, clothing, photos, business records, electronics, seasonal decor and more. Units are sized from extra closet space to storing the contents of an entire home.


A1 Storage units provide ideal space for product inventory and distribution, construction tools and materials, business records and files, equipment and other business-related goods. Cut monthly expenses by using A1 Shelters for storage as an economical alternative to high-rent office and commercial space. We accept UPS and FedEx items for our customers.

A1 Features